Hey, I'm Oscar Grönroos.

I'm making you look good on camera while having the time of your lives as a profession. The best job ever! I get to meet all of you wonderful people and be creative together. 

I Enjoy capturing memories and helping people. The small moments are often the best. I really can't put my photography into one kind of style! 

But the most important thing for me is to capture authenticity and that we have fun! The time with only stiff boring posing are over! 

Besides photographing, I spend a lot of my time playing music, travelling, and being around family and friends.

I'm based in Southern Finland atm, but working wherever my Google Maps or plane ticket takes me.

Jag pratar Svenska.

Puhun Suomea.

I Speak English.

Ein bisshen Deutch og snakker faktiskt lidt dansk også. 

I'm always up for creating new stories.


Let's turn up the music and go dancing. Photos will come as a bonus. 

Have an amazing day!!